Materials List

Class fees DO NOT include cost of materials unless stated. The Art School has available a supply of materials (marked *) for purchase. Initially you will only need a sketch book, pencils and rubber to get started and you will be advised on what other materials you will need after week one. Should you forget your kit or want to experiment with a medium before buying, a small cost will be charged. A variety of paper and canvases are available costing from 50p. (Medium canvases are £2)

  • Sketchbook for drawing exercises* 
  • Masking tape, Putty rubber* 
  • Palette papers & Palette knife
  • Charcoals*, pressed and willow
  • Good range of pencils (HB to 6B)
  • Black fine liner & black biro
  • Range of brushes for watercolour and acrylic
  • Watercolour set, again as good a quality as you can afford, tubes or blocks
  • Chalk and Oil pastels
  • Kitchen paper Acrylic paints – as good a quality as you can afford

  • Alizarin Red
  • Indian Yellow
  • Prussian Blue
  • Black
  • White

Oils are optional in the last few weeks of the term and you may prefer to stay in watercolour or acrylic. For oils you will need:

Oil paint, same five colours as acrylic
 Zest-it (Please note: no white spirit is allowed in the studio)
 Liquin (original or impasto)
 Rags (plenty)

CFA will be expanding their list of available materials to buy shortly. You will be given a price list during class.

You can get good quality materials on-line from Jacksons. The Range has a small budget range suitable for beginners.

(N.B You will be plenty of advice on what materials you will need during your course.)