Holiday Sketching with Max Hale, Saturday 14th July, 10:30-4pm

Starts Saturday 14 July


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Sketching is the capturing of visual inspiration in situ. It can be extensive or simple. The sketcher is the 'director'  of how much, how little and to what extent the drawing is carried out. Sketching is a special and wonderful skill that anyone can learn. The process can be brief or more extensive, maybe completed in just a few minutes depending on the subject, fleeting or static.

Downley Common Max Hale
Professional artists collect sketches as a matter of course to establish a viewpoint, to explore spaces and use as a reference for future paintings. You can see then that sketching is highly regarded and useful art in itself or as an intermediate stage between subject and final painting.

 This one day workshop will train you and your eye along with your hand to capture your scene or subject. The tutor will go through the mechanics, demonstrating how to proceed with your sketchbook.  Using various references, the artist will learn how to make a fast impression of their subject using their sketch pad and chosen medium.

Workshop cancelled two weeks before planned date if not viable.