TASTER SESSION 2: Intuitive Meditative Creative Expression

Starts Saturday 18 May


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 …sitting in a space which welcomes and accepts you, exactly as you are… 

…using your curiosity to ‘listen’ in, or ‘look’ within, for a few leisurely moments… 

…holding in your mind whatever visual impression you experienced…while reaching for paper and materials…

…simply using colours, or using colours and marks to make shapes, maybe making images… 

…now sitting quietly with whatever you expressed on paper in front of you, in this moment – and breathing…

This is not about Art. It’s about intuitive meditative creative expression: sensing what you sense, seeing what you see – and expressing your sense of being…exactly as you be! 

These taster sessions are designed to introduce you to sensing or feeling your way, supported by a simple guided process – and giving creative visual expression to whatever imagery comes to you in the process.  In effect, a taster offers the opportunity to begin introducing you to your own deep self…and your own quiet relaxing space within, while freeing you to create a picture of the essence of this. 

Following these taster sessions, it’s envisaged that further opportunities will be offered…to develop and deepen this gentle exploration of your sense of being – through a simple intuitive meditative creative process. This process – and processing – naturally creates a gradual strengthening and deepening of self-awareness, self-confidence (or being in charge of your self), and self-acceptance – towards a real sense of being deeply at home in your self.

Jamie Cahlil
Jaimie Cahlil originally trained at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (1972-1975). 

Later, he trained in Integrative Counselling (1998-2002) and Transpersonal Psychotherapy (2004-2008). 

Having established his meditation practice in the late 1980s, he draws from this depth…in his work as artist and therapist. 

(To see examples of his art, visit www.cahlil-therapy.co.uk)