End of Autumn Term 2011

Thanks for your feedback on the term. We are trying all the time to

build up the school, and your feedback on what works well and where we

could improve are essential to our future development. Below are a

typical sample of student feedback this term.

“Yes, delighted to have found you all. Have loved the positive, yet honest, feedback and feel I have gained so much.”

“Very relaxed environment for learning, instruction helpful but not intrusive – music is great!”

“I think the course I do is amazing value and perfect hours. Don’t change!”

“Can you run a print only class? Be good if you had a photocopier for copying and enlarging.”

“Great atmosphere, to conducive to learning & experimenting.”

” A lovely introduction to art & painting & look forward to learning more. Like to try drawing older men.”

“Very good instruction. Would like to draw older models. Enjoy one day workshops.”

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21 December 2011