How to book your class

Booking is a two step process

1. Registration - a one off process where we capture your details
2. Booking

1. Registration
Click "Sign Up" in the top right hand corner.

Sign In
You will be asked to enter some basic information

Sign Up Input
The system will now show you are logged in by showing your name top right 

You Are Signed In

2. Booking
Now go to the class you wish to book ... and choose how you wish to pay

Book Or Reserve
Paying by card is the most straight-forward. 
A box will appear to capture your card details.
We do not hold your card details on our system

Card Payment
An alternative to card payment is to reserve a place and make immediate payment by bank transfer or cheque

When you want to book a course in future then do not reregister as your details are already on the system .  Go to "Sign Up" and then "Sign In"

Sign In

If you have forgotten your password then re-enter your email address and you will be emailed a password reset link.

A limitation of the system that only one place per class can be sold to an email address.

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11 April 2018